Thursday, 21 July 2011

winter jewels

On the hunt for examples of the jewel tones that made such a punch in the Fall 2011 lines, I was saved a lot of work when I stumbled upon them all in one collection, Gucci. Just to name a few we have emerald, citrine, garnet alongside rubies and sapphires. 

Whilst jewel tones are dotted throughout the entire collection, day and night time looks alike, the three below are head to toe colour in bold shades of emerald, citrine and garnet. These three dresses stood alone are far too much (in my opinion, anyway) but are diluted somewhat amongst charcoals, silvers and of course, blacks.

I've lately become a Gucci fan. I like the bold colour and clean lines, but also how they are complimented by neutral looks in creams for the spring and greys for the winter. I should really be researching for my project but how can one avoid such distractions as these...?!
I'm Hettie Glen, I'm 22 and a half and currently studying for a degree in Fashion Design.

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