Wednesday, 18 January 2012

management and marketing

These are some illustrated designs (for a project I finally handed in yesterday... woop!) drawn on illustrator. This range plan is for my Fashion Management and Marketing project; a marketing report on a high street store, followed by a proposal for a niche idea. Thought I would suck at it but turns out I did alright! I chose Topshop and my niche strategy was a celebrity collaboration with Olivia Palermo. Yes, I have gathered that a lot of people hate her but I don't - she is gorgeous and has great style, what's not to like?! 

These are screen grabs from my presentation assessment. I do love a bit of PowerPoint but public speaking has never been one of my strong points! In fact, I'd go as far as to say I'm allergic to it - it brings me out in a rash (...and there's shakes, and there's stuttering. And there's also bright red ears? It's not a good look.) But thank goodness that's now out of the way! 

For some reason the writing on the images has gone all blurry, thanks blogger, so if you click on them... they might bring up the bigger size and not be blurry. But I don't know about that until I publish this post so we'll have to see!
I'm Hettie Glen, I'm 22 and a half and currently studying for a degree in Fashion Design.

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